My 2010 Goals!

I'm glad lousy 2009 is in the history book. It wasn't a good year for most people. The stock market was terrifying (although it gained back some but not all), housing was in the dumps with mile high foreclosure rates, and unemployment is now at +10%. But I should be thankful that both DH and I still have a job and eventhough we are still a bit underwater with our house, we are still able to make monthly payments on our mortgage. So cheers to that! In honor of our gratefulness, I have set forth the following goals for 2010:

1. Max out retirement 401K plan
2. Pay down $10K debt
3. Save 25% of paycheck towards rainy day fund
4. Open a Roth IRA (now that the maximum income restriction is eliminated)
5. Pay additional $200-$300 of principal towards our monthly mortgage
6. Eat out less and bring lunch (estimated savings of about $3000-$4000/yr)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your 2010 goals.

Small steps equate to big results.

Daddy Paul said...

You have some aggressive goals. I hope you can follow through! Best of luck!
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