The Bears are back and Bulls are hiding

My first blog ever will be about the stock market. I tune into the market virtually every day. It's the first thing that pops up when I log into my computer at work. The market reached its highest point at 10,710.55 a week ago since the recession back in Feb 2009 (Now I'm refering to the DOW Jones since I'm using that as my benchmark). But as of today, it tanked triple digits down to 10,120.46. I thought it was a good move to transfer both DH and my money from stable bond funds over to more aggressive allocations. But since our transfer around 10,300 it has now tanked again to 10,120.46. Maybe I should have waited before transfering since the economy is still really shaky. But we're never able to time such investments.

Do you have a story you want to share about your timed investment as being either successful or a bear bust?


Tyler said...

The best way is to dollar cost average out your investment. Atleast you were able to invest at a much lower point.

Investing Newbie said...

I started investing in March of 2009, so go me! It was right around when the Dow was at 7,000.

If you still have positions in the market, are they mostly of Dow components? I prefer using the S&P as benchmark because it is a better reflection of the American economy. The Dow fixed itself by removing Citi and GM (thank goodness), but it is still too...aloof (for a lack of a better term) for me.

MoneyHoneySF said...

My positions are invested in mutual funds in our 401K. Both DH and I are aggresively in International and Large Cap Funds with a few real estate and gold funds here and there. I am also invested in a S&P 500 fund.

Your timing was perfect. Getting in around 7,000 must have resulted in huge gains for you. For us, we've only been able to break even up to this point.