Apple's new iPad

Steve job sure is a great salesman. The new Apple iPad which is set to launch in March 2010 is said to be magical and unbelievable. It sure is magical being only 0.5 inch deep and weighing in at 1.5 pounds with an LCD screen of 9.7inch. But is it unbelievable? I sure don’t think so given the starting price of $499. As much as I love Apple product having owned 5 of which all broke down on me, this new gadget is nothing but a gigantic iPod Touch. The $499 is 16GB in memory and can only be connected through Wi-Fi from home or areas that offer such service. If you want a set data plan of $30 with AT&T a month, you would need to buy the $599 32GB or $699 64GB. As much as I want to get my hands on this new fancy purchase, I think I would have to wait it out for a price drop to $299 before considering. The wait begins.


Anonymous said...

Apple products are sleek and shiney. But I would have to agree that they do not last very long, especially the battery life. Your safest bet next time is to buy an extended warranty.

Investing Newbie said...

Preach it! Also, Apple is very predictable with their products. They come out with a gadget and the 1st Gen is alwways the worst. I would say wait for the 2nd or even 3rd which will be sleeker, faster, and definitely cheaper.

Do you remember the iPhone being priced at $600 when it first came out? Now that's laughable.

I will own one eventually. But I'm planning on downgrading my phone (I currently have an iPhone) to a simple phone-only device and then using the iPad for other stuff.

MoneyHoneySF said...

Investing Newbie, you're correct. The mistake that I've made in the past with Apple prods is that I tend to buy it once it debuts, hence the reliability factor is not often strong on new products.

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Money Reasons said...

Hmmm, I don't know if I'm going to get one of these... Looks pretty cool though!

Nice site, great start! I'll be back to see how you grow it!!!

Good luck! said...

I've never had apple anything and their new creation isn't going to change that!