Valentine's Day can complicate finances

Love is in the air! It's almost Valentine's Day. Everyone is giddy and in a romantic mood. But for some, this may spell doom especially for the couples that are never on the same financial page.

I'm glad DH and I are pretty much on the same page with our perspective towards money and the way we handle our finances. But I do admit turbulent times during our dating years and early marriage life. We'll be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary in October.

We recently refinanced our house so I was able to get a report on my credit score. Mine is 805 and DH's is 780. I believe the reason for my high score is due to a luxury vehicle I had financed 6 years ago. It was later paid in full shortly after. This may have contributed to a bump in credit score and also by paying off my credit card in full every single month.

Looking back, we did not enter into a marital agreement until we both made decent money. Our income has doubled in this 3 year span. Not just that, we did not commit into buying a house together until we both had stability in our jobs, comfortable incomes, and a decent down payment.

We fight about money from time to time. DH feels I spend money frivolously. He was raised with a conscience to spend money wisely and carefully. He does have his occasional splurge here and there but not as often as I. Although he makes around 60%of the income, I admire him with his money principles because he can easily afford to spend recklessly, but he doesn't. Therefore, we make a great team together. I remind him to spend sometimes while he motivates me to save a bit.


SeeJaneGetRich said...

Your post reminds me that even with a couple that are both careful with money there will always be one person who appears to be frivolous when in reality compared with the average person they are far from it. But, its nice that both of you have the same basic approach to money and your slightly different approaches about spending gets balanced out anyway.

Money Reasons said...

Sounds like a formula for a winning combination to me :)

I like the changes you've done to the site! Seems like it is always improving!

Investing Newbie said...

BF and I are pretty identical when it comes to handling money, which I think is a huge relief. I don't know how I could handle being with someone that didn't share the same goals of wealth that I have.

We're definitely on your same path: we want to save up for a house. To do so, we're both living at home with our parents and saving until we have a nice downpayment.

Mike said...

Hey Mrs. Bee,
I really enjoyed this post and it sounds like you two were really lucky to have found each other!

I'm just curious - where did you find those statistics in your post? I'd enjoy reading more about them.

Money Honey SF said...

SeeJaneGetRich - Thanks Jane. We try to find as much balance as we can with our lives. I just found out my BF's DH has $10K in gambling debt. Will blog more about this later.

MoneyReasons - You're very observant. Thanks for the compliment. Much appreciated.

Investing Newbie - Great approach you're having with your BF. Honestly, that is what DH and I did early on in our 20s. We lived at home until we had enough saved for our own place.

Mike - The statistics are from . I'm a financial geek so I subscribe to many different financial news site. I get financial mail spam on a daily basis. And this one article really caught my attention. But you made a good point! I should include the whereabout of my data on my future blogs.

Daddy Paul said...

"We fight about money from time to time"
Show me a couple that don't and I show you a couple that never speak!