Identity fraud on the rise - up 12% to 11.1 million adults affected in 2009

There was an article that came out today pointing out the severity of identity theft. As you all know, I fell victim to this sort of fraud a few days ago. It amazes me that up to 11.1 million people are affected by this silent and invisible crime. But it comes at no surprise since society nowadays rely so heavily on credit cards and other form of identifications for transactional purposes.

So please remember to reconcile your financial statements on a monthly basis to make sure all transaction are accounted for. You should also request from the credit bureaus to send a report showing the number of credit cards open under your name. And when making purchases on the internet, be sure to check if the site is secured. Lastly, I know how we all hate getting spam/junk letter mails soliciting us to apply for credit cards. Before throwing them in the recycle bin, shred them in a paper shredder first.

Be Safe and Happy Spending!


Mike said...

Good tips, Money Honey SF.

I use my shredder religiously. It's probably one of the best $20 that I've ever spent.

I hope everything works out for you.

Money Honey SF said...

Mike. I got lazy with my paper shredder in the last few months. I hope this lack of action is not the reason why this happened.

BTW, in what region are you located? Have you thought about going into the investment industry?