Receipts with Discounts

The next time you purchase a meal at a restaurant or items at a clothing store, be sure to check the back of your receipt before throwing it away.

Businesses like to entice shoppers to come back and visit their stores by giving out discounts on their next purchase. These discounts can be found in the back of the receipt by way of participating in a survey.

I had dinner the other night at a local chain restaurant. After paying, the cashier pointed out to me the discount I could receive on my next visit. It was a simple phone survey to tell them how my experience was at the restaurant.

There is usually a code displayed for you to refer to in order to participate. All it took was a mere 2 minutes on the phone.

1.I dialed the number.
2.Followed instructions to enter the code found on the receipt.
3.Answer their survey.
4.Then a confirmation code was given back to me.

So the next time I eat at this restaurant, 25% will be taken off my total bill.

I think this is a good way for people to save money and for businesses to welcome back their customers. Don't you?

All it takes is a few minutes to save a few bucks.

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Ciawy said...

Yeah I do that, especially on Old Navy. I thought it was fun.