mid month April Net Worth Review

I have to admit, I'm a bit lazy when it's time to report my net worth for the previous month. It is now almost mid-month and I'm just getting around to it. So it's fair to call this a mid month April Net Worth Review.

So let's see how I did from the end of February til today, April 13th, 2010. The magic number appears to be $448,129.83.


Savings/Checking - I'm surprised that we have a decrease in this category. Shame shame, have we not been saving? Actually we have because you can see a decrease to the Misc. Debt by about $7000. Because of this partial debt repayment, we have a slight decrease to our savings & checking this month.

Beehives' 401K - Did relatively well this month due steady contribution to our 401K and also because first quarter end dividends were paid into our accounts.

Mrs.Bee Luxmobile - Just a slight depreciation my car.

Mr.Bee Luxmobile - Mr. Bee no longer has his junkmobile. He traded it in for a new shiney, safe, and workable ride. I'm proud of him because it was causing damage to the environment and posing danger to his safety.

Primary/Rental - No changes here because we have not gotten an appraisal for months.


Credit Cards - Only $1200 in debt for the month.

Misc. Debt - This was debt money owe to a family member. This number now has been reduced by $7000. Horray. Hope to get the rest squared the away in a few months.

Mortgages - Just the usual monthly payment consisting of interest, principal, and extra principal payments.

Auto Loan - So now this is a new category added because we now have a car loan. We don't like loans other than mortgages but we feel that having cash on hand is more important than paying off the loan entirely at once. So here we are with a car loan. The life of the interest on this loan is around $600 which is not too bad.


StackingCash said...

Any chance in divulging what car Mr. Bee purchased?

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to pry but... do you have enough emergency fund in your savings/checking?

Money Honey SF said...

StackingCash - We just decided to buy a lexus for the reliability, durability, and luxuriousness.

Jerysey Mom - As you can see, we have a significant amount in our savings/checking combined. But as far as an emergency fund goes, I would say YES we do have one?

I think our Emergency fund would last us a few months in case anything happens. But I know it pales in comparison to our 401K. Thus, we're really hedging our 401K to be the primary breadwinner when we retire.

But I should consider upping our emergency funds for sure. Thanks.