February 2010 Net Worth Update

I've been so busy during weekdays and weekends that I have yet to post my February 2010 Net Worth update until now. Luckily, I was able to jot down my ending values as of 1/31/10 from my financial statements and online accounts.

Savings/Checking +5,931.96
Nothing much going on here. Just both of our net income for the month contributed into this account along with expenses that were paid for.

Beehives' 401K +$27,178.51
This was a big month for us. DH got a nice profit sharing and company match in February. Both our investments were up and our contribution amount remains at 15% each from our paycheck. I wish we could report a monthly uptick in the 10s of thousands but February will be the only month out of the year with a such high increase.

Mrs. & Mr. Bee Luxmobile -$97
Nothing much going on here either. According to KBB, both of our cars depreciated by $97 total which is not too shabby.

Primary & Rental property
The values remain the same.

Credit Card Debts
None since it's always paid off in full. I believe we spent clost to $2000 in total this month.

Misc. Debt
Unchanged. We plan to pay off $3000-$5000 real soon in the next 2-3 months. In hopes to bring this figure down.

This is how much we are only able to pay into our principal each month. On the other hand, the interest on our mortgage run close to $1500 which is taking out of our savings/checking tab.


me in millions said...

Wow! Great month for you guys.

WellHeeledBlog said...

That's some change in the 401K. Congratulations!!

Mike said...

Wow! I am jealous of your life. Haha. Nice job this month.

Dorothy said...

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RMom said...

I see that you work in the investment industry yet I don't see any reference to investment (stock, funds) in your net worth. Do you have any investments that you manage yourself not including the 401(k)? Or is the 401 your only stock market based asset?

I am a beginner to managing my own self selected portfolio.

Ray by the Bay said...

Wow, great month Mrs Bee!

Out of curiosity, what is the misc debt? You are so good at paying off all other non-mortgage debt, I'm just wondering what it is and why you haven't moved to pay it off.

Money Honey SF said...

me in millions - Thank you. It will probably be the only
month with such high contributions.

Wellheeledblog - I'm also glad to see this change.

Mike - Don't be jealous. You'll get there real soon.

Dorothy - Thanks for the offer but I'm not interested at this point.

RMom - I do not have any personal holdings at this point due to losing alot of money due to bad investment choices. But my husband actually has a personal stock account of which he would not let me look at. He calls it his
fun money trading account at TDAmeritrade.

I do not report on this account due to a lack of knowledge
or information.

Ray by the Bay - Misc. Debt is money we owe to a family member. Since this family member of ours does not charge us interest and told us we can pay her back whenever, we have decided not to yet until later this year. We borrowed this money early last year. The amount was much higher
in the $50000. We managed to pay off $38000 and left with $12000. But will we pay this off before year end.

Instead of dipping into our retirement accounts where most
of our money is, our relative was nice to lend us the $50,000. But she has no idea how much our net worth is. She just knew we needed to borrow this money short term.

SeeJaneGetRich said...

That's a nice increase in the 401(k) and checking!

Money Honey SF said...

Yes, I am happy to see the increase in our 401K but we know that this is just once a year thing. But it's still a nice jump. Thank you.