The rain has drifted back into the city. I hope the bag of donations I left on the curbside for pickup this morning is not too drenched let alone stolen! You see, I had placed a barbegue gas grill last summer in front of our house for a disposable pick-up. Little did I know that my unwanted item was another man's treasure. Someone had stolen my grill the day before my scheduled pickup.

Our semi-annual donation drive is in full effect today. I love these events and think it's such great charity work. Not only are we able to give items we no longer need away to someone that has better use of it, the company comes over to our house to pick these up. Talk about saving time, effort, and gas.

My bag of goodies included a brand new mini sized portable grill, a semi worn pair of tennis shoe, a brand new video game pad, and some worn clothings.

Retail price for all these would be in the few hundreds. Instead of cashing in on these items on eBay or Craigslist, I thought it would be a good cause to just donate it off free of cost to a person in need.

I believe there are also tax write-off for such contributions.


Investing Newbie said...

I donate items as well, but I do it moreso because of the ease to donate. Selling takes effort!! And I'm not a good saleswoman, I don't think. But I didn't know about tax-writeoffs for donating items. At least I think I saw you could itemize such donations, but I figured it had to exceed a certain percentage of your salary?

Money Honey SF said...

Investing Newbie - I'm not too sure about the tax writeoff portion too but for sure you could itemize it a certain way. I will have to look into this further. But I totally agree, selling takes effort. And who knows how much we'll get back. For me it's not about the money I guess, it's more about the generosity.

Anonymous said...

It's really nice they'll actually come out to pick up the stuff there! Here in my town, we can leave clothes on the driveway & call someone to pick up but other than that, we'll have to bring donation items to the Goodwill or drop off in a bin somewhere.