2009 Tax Return

So I got a phone call from my tax accountant that he was done with our 2009 Income Tax. Both DH and I dutifully drove down to meet our accountant and signed documentations to prepare our filing.

Usually around Mid-March, we should have our return money in the bank by now. But this year, we got a bit lazy and procrastinated.

You're probably thinking why in the world would we let the government hold onto our money interest free? We knew we were getting a nice return but just didn't know how much.

Low and behold it was nice to see that we were getting back $15K from Federal and $5K from the State of California. Well this return is justifiable since we paid close to $80K in tax withholding in 2009. Moreover, we were able to claim the interest of our two mortgage.

I already have $7K of this return money earmarked to pay off the lingering debt of $12K.

Husband also decided to give $5K of this return to his mom. She has fallen on some tough times and he wanted to help out.


Money Reasons said...

$15,000! now that's a tax refund!!!

This year, I've procrastinated too. In fact, I'm just starting it this weekend!

I guess with all the tax changes and incentives, I thought I'd give the tax companies plenty of time to get the bugs out of their software. At least that's what I'm telling myself...

Anonymous said...

It’s very generous of him to help out his mom! =) That's the good thing about having money; not only does it give us a cushion to fall back on, it gives us the ability to help others.

Money Honey SF said...

MoneyReason - Good excuse for procrastinating. I hope the bugs will sort itself out and get you a nice hefty return too. There's not bugs with my accountant. If there was, she'll be sick. Ha ha.

Random Thoughts - It is nice to help others out when we have money. Not everyone helps out when they have money. But we are one.

Investing Newbie said...

That is a generous return!!! Good for you to throw away that money on debt.

LaToya said...


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