what a trip!

I'm going against the notion of "What ever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" by blogging about it. Well let me tell you, there was alot that happened to me in Vegas. It was the best Vegas trip I've ever had maybe because I came back a winner. I know winning close to $900 is not much to some, but a win is a win especially from Vegas. 100% of this amount came from table games. I'm not a big fan of slot machines for I feel that it's rigged by robots. With table games, you have more control of your destiny by playing your card correctly. And of course luck has to be on your side to be dealt nice favorable cards which increases your chance. Unless you're playing a game such as poker, then skill might dominate as some would say. But I won't go into that topic since I'm not an avid PP.

If I factor in my winnings and the expense for the whole trip, DH and I would pay no more than $220.00 for this 3days/2nights trip. I had estimated prior to our trip that our expense would run up to $1,500. Now that the tallys are in, we managed to avoid around $1,280 worth of expense thanks to my luck. So that's $110 per person which included flights, hotel, meals, transportations, souvenirs, and tons of gambling. This was a great vacation because there's no other vacation destinations out there that offers you the chance to break even or even pay for itself.

On an off note, we ran into several celebrities while having lunch at a cafe inside Planet Hollywood. A red carpet was laid out expecting the arrival of several stars to promote the grand opening of a candy store. Within an hour or so, celebrities such as Mel B (Spice Girl), Holly Madison & Kendra Wilkenson (Playmate former girlfriends of Hugh Hefner and from the show "Girls Next Door") made the appearance. We were within inches away. I was so starstruck along with all the revelers.

Please share your wonderful vacation stories where you felt your trip was justified by the great deals or therefore lack of with extravagant expenses.


Mike said...


I love the "Money Honey winnings" and "DH losings."

You're tough! :)

Investing Newbie said...

Congrats on your win! More importantly, how is Kendra looking? I am so jeal of celebs that bounce back so quickly to their pre-baby hot bodies. I'm starting to think that they were never preggers; they hired a surrogate mom and they are walking around with a pillow!

I've never been to Vegas. I want to plan a trip with the BF but he was burned badly at Atlantic City and has sworn off gambling for the rest of his life!! Guess I need to gather up the ladies!!

Money Reasons said...

Great win! I have a friend that goes out to Vegas every year and he's always seeming to come back with some money that he has won.

I believe you... but I'm starting to thing my buddy is bending the truth so his wife won't be as mad at him.

You see he leaves her at home with the kids...

Money Honey SF said...

Mike - I'm not really a tough cookie. Just want to finally say I'm in the win column. DH is always lucky and wins very little everytime when he gambles. I on the other hand is not as lucky. That is why I'm surprised by my fortune this time.

Investing Newbie - Agree wholeheartedly with you on the celebrity post baby body image. They still look so hot after having one. Kendra was really pretty although she was wearing a lose fitted top. Will post pics shortly. You should definitely make a trip out to Vegas. Maybe for a bachelorette party in the future?

How is Atlantic City like?

Money Reasons - Your buddy must be really good and super lucky to win almost everytime. There are people out there with that kind of luck.