Another JOB but only 15% higher

It's been exactly a week since I've applied for the job that is 28% more than my current salary. The depressing news is that I have yet to get a call back from that department. Now I'm beginning to doubt my chances and qualifications. It's hard for me to swallow that a follow up call was not even made. You see, it has been 5 years since I've applied for a new job, so testing the water is foreign to me. Before then, every job I applied for, I would always get a call back and even an offer. But the market has changed and is no longer the same environment as 5 years ago when it was easy and not as competitive.

But in the meantime, there is another position that caught my eye which is 15% higher than my current salary. I realize the range is not as high as the previous position but an increase is still an increase to my overall current pay. In addition, the location is a few floors up in the same building. Now I'm thinking to submit my resume for this job.


SeeJaneGetRich said...

Definitely submit it for the other position just in case. Have you thought about calling HR just to make sure the application did indeed go through. Is it possible to call them casually and say just wanted to make sure if there was anything else they need with the application?

My experience with these kinds of things is limited but that is what I would do.

Mike said...

Hey Bee,

Could you tell us a little bit about your background (school, work experience, etc)? I'm really interested in getting into the investment industry and would really appreciate any advice.

Money Honey SF said...

Mike. I will follow up with a blog talking a bit about my background, school, work experience, etc. in a bit. Thanks for stopping by ninja. Gosh I can't get over how animated your blog is. It's really a nice design and lay out.

Investing Newbie said...

I'm with Jane. Call them back and ask for closure. I know it would be eating me alive if I didn't know whether or not they had made a decision.

And don't they say to always keep looking? So even if you have submitted to one and get an offer, keep submitting. It's good to keep your interview skills fresh!

Money Honey SF said...

Thanks everyone. I might have jump the gun on this topic. Just received a call back for an interview. So excited, hope it materializes into something grand.