Grass is Greener on the other side

I love my front lawn and I try my best to maintain it. It's been raining alot lately so the grass has gotten greener. This weather has saved me time and money. However, during the summer months, it gets dry so it needs more attention and upkeep.

Currently, a gardener is hired to service my lawn. He is paid $25 to mow and hedge my lawn twice a month. DH thinks this is a waste of money spending $300 a year just cutting grass. But I feel this money is well spent. It helps to maintain the look and vitality of the grass since most of our neighbors outsource this kind of service to a gardener. Our community also fines a penalty if grass is not well kept and maintained a certain height. I also think it's beneficial that we are giving our business to someone since so many have cut back on spending during such tough times.

As I buzz down my neighborhood in my luxmobile, I can't help but admire the front lawn of this certain neighbor. I have pointed this out to DH everytime we drive by. Their grass appears to be healthier, greener, and more luscious. I sometimes wish I could trade lawns with this neighbor.

But today my DH pointed out to me as we pushed out of our driveway that our grass is just as green and nice as that neighbor's. I realized he made a good point. Our grass is just as green and well kept.

As the old saying goes "Is the grass always greener on the otherside?"

It's human nature to want what the other person's got. After all, we have greed in us. I know this term often times apply to relationship, but I also think that it applies to money, wealth, and material things.

We're always going to compare ourselves to what our neighbors have - bigger houses, nicer cars, bigger boats, nicer clothes, and a nicer lawn (as with my case). But this constant comparison won't make us happy. We need to be happy with what we currently have.

I need to stop looking at my neighbor's lawn and start noticing that I have as good as a lawn as theirs.

Sometimes the "grass is just as green on our side".


Investing Newbie said...

I've always felt that the Grass is actually NEVER greener on the other side. The reason why we have our particular "lawn" is because it is the best "lawn" for us to work with and from which we can grow. If you put someone in another's "lawn," then it might not work because it wasn't for them.

Totally killing the grass metaphor right now, but do you kinda see what I'm saying?

Ken said...

I agree. We worry so much about the Joneses instead of our own plan. It's about our needs and goals and not the luxuries of others.

Money Honey SF said...

Investing Newbie - Good point. What works for one might not work for the other.

I'm jealous of the lawn to this neighbor because he recently remodeled his house so he also put in a brand new fresh piece of lawn.

With my lawn, I moved into this house and the lawn was already there. Actually, my lawn is not too bad. It's very green and has very little spotting.

I guess I just want a brand new lawn and not a hand-me-down.

Ken - Yes, we need to stop keeping up with the Joneses. But we might be Joneses ourselves that others are trying to keep up with?

youngandthrifty said...

LOL at leat you HAVE lawn =)

The $25 a month is worth it, especially if you were to DIY and argue with your husband about you nagging him to mow the lawn (or arguing about who's turn it is to mow the lawn, I suppose)